Friday, 28 March 2014

What is a duplex property and where can you buy one in Kolkata?

What is a duplex?
A duplex may be one of a few distinctive abiding unit designs:

A duplex house is a residence having condo with discrete passages for two families. This incorporates two-story houses having a complete loft on each one story and likewise side-by-side flats on a solitary parcel that impart a normal divider. By difference, a building containing two connected units on two unique properties is normally acknowledged semi-disconnected or twin homes yet might likewise be alluded to as a duplex.

The expression "duplex" can likewise be stretched out to three-unit and four-unit structures, or they might be alluded to with particular terms, for example, triplex and fourplex or quadplex/quadruplex. On account of the adaptability of the term, the line between a loft building and a duplex is sort of obscured, with flat structures having a tendency to be greater, while duplexes are typically the measure of a typical house.

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